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Almost everything that I put my attention to is influenced by my lifelong passion for creating beautiful things and the intuitive environment in which I was raised.  My professional path is no exception.

In my earlier years, I studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.  After graduating first in my class, I went on to work as a designer and pattern maker for a boutique couture house in West Hollywood.  Later, I relocated to New York City and, exploring my love for spacial design, took on work as a prop stylist and set decorator for clients such as Neiman Marcus, Martha Stewart, Calvin Klein, and Diane von Furstenberg.

After several years building, shopping and decorating sets for fashion photo shoots, I realized that I yearned for more meaning in my work.  So in 2001 I moved to Madison, Wisconsin, returning to my roots to study Intuitive Feng Shui with my mother, Master Jacquelyn Patricia.  After completing an intense two year, one-on-one, Karate-Kid-style apprenticeship, I moved to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts and began my career as a feng shui designer.  I can see now that every step I’ve taken has lead me to this work. It is both challenging and second nature.  It’s what I was born to do; my true calling.

I currently live in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts with my wife and son.  I consult and lecture throughout Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Vermont.  In my free time, I like to create “functional art”.  If something can be made by my hands and some simple tools, I’m game!

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Design Philosophy

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A lifetime of creating lovely things combined with an intensive training in Intuitive Feng Shui have instilled in me a deep commitment to balance and beauty; the bedrock on which I created Jeanette Maguire Design.  A decision made for the sake of beauty and one meant to transform the life of my client are one and the same and the end result is unexpectedly perfect.  A home that appears beautifully designed may not always feel good to live in, but a home that really feels good to live in is always beautifully designed.

I believe in maintaining my clients’ core aesthetics while helping them reveal the potential of their environments.  I am equally adept in a minimalist, modern New York loft as I am in a rural cottage or a bohemian bungalow.  I’m interested in creating harmonious beauty that helps my clients open to their hearts’ desire, not imposing my style on anyone.

I work on all aspects and phases of the design process from the selection of paint colors, furnishings and art for an existing space, to home renovations and kitchen remodels, to new construction and plan development.

Although I enjoy working with businesses, I love working with clients in their homes, affecting them where they live.  A well designed and appointed home should be an invigorating yet peaceful sanctuary that supports the health, wealth, intimacy and self-esteem of the occupants.  I see my clients’ homes as a tangible representation of their minds.  The physical space in which they live and where they place all their stuff—from furniture to artwork to decorative objects—is a direct result of their belief systems.  In short, when they make changes in their surroundings with informed direction, they alter their beliefs, and when they alter their beliefs, they change their lives.

I create an environment that mirrors what you’re asking for in your life. When you live in a space that embraces what you want, those desires begin to manifest into reality. The key is finding someone who can see the energy patterns of what you desire and can translate those patterns into a beautiful home. I am that person.

Intuitive Feng Shui

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Everything is energy.
Like attracts like.
These are fundamental truths of Intuitive Feng Shui.

You chose a home that matches your criteria for where to live—cost, neighborhood, number of bedrooms, et cetera—but it inevitably matches other aspects of your life as well.  For example, a person who has trouble making decisions may choose a split-level home where you constantly have to “choose” up or down.  You then fill your home with your things, placing them in a way that further reinforces your reality.  In a very simple yet profound way, your home and the placement of your “10,000 things” are a 3-dimensional representation of your belief system. All the aspects of your life where you are wise, powerful and in control are there, but so are the ones that keep tripping you up.

Essentially, I “read” your space and suggest changes to your home that match the life changes you are looking for. After the project is completed, the newly transformed space “breaths new life” into your mind, relaxing the beliefs that were holding your desires at arms length.

Intuitive Feng Shui, real feng shui, is not magic. It is not hocus-pocus. It is not rules in a book. It is a means for shifting energy, altering how you interpret and experience your life.



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